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File: 1544802765689.jpg–(112.93KB, 1080x1080, qt n kot.jpg)
144 No.144  [Reply]
Greetings from kotchan, we're kots there.

File: 1543808108910.jpg–(171.27KB, 1920x1080, I am Epic I am Based Penis Choppers will be Erased)
143 No.143  [Reply]
In the year 2017 someone took control of, stole from, and tortured Akaza Akari using manipulation of her trusting nature. Much of Akari’s allowance was apparently used by the perpetrator(s) to go on a spending spree to perform acts of terror throughout the United States. The October 1st shooting of 2017 seems to be one of these acts, along with the Parkland Florida shooting case and the Nazim YouTube shooting. The death of Billy Herrington during the time frame of this incident is also suspect as taking control of intoxicated people through astral means could have likely caused the incident. In the process the perpetrator raped Akaza Akari’s mind and spirit and attempted to discredit her and keep her silent and confused about the abuse she suffered. This situation will not go unanswered and those responsible will pay for their crimes.


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¨ No.142
1530628619688.jpg_large–(63.66KB, 788x654, smooth yoda.jpg_large)

No.93  [Reply]
Hi, how are you?
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¨ No.124
nothing wrong with liking ponies... as long as you don't want to fuck 'em
¨ No.139
I dunno
¨ No.140

That doesn't sound very inclusive of you there

No.137  [Reply]
I think I have a reasonable idea for an app' game that needs development. I need an app' builder to partner me to develop this app. Payment will be a % of the end product as my $ situation is probably worse than yours. You need to be a Perth local and willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. This will be a project to be finished asap but as there is no regular income then there are no time constraints.
¨ No.138
I hope this is just bait.

No.135  [Reply]
Simon wants to stream bondage from the clubroom
¨ No.136
at 4k 60fps

No.132  [Reply]
Horses don't eat their own shit
- Anton
¨ No.133
A dog isn't a horse, I know this because I ate too much corned beef

- Simon
¨ No.134
The Asian inside of me is happy at that

No.131  [Reply]
So, the CSSC has decided to journal, to avoid being self published, we have also decided to found a publishing company.

Applications now open for postitions in the new subsidary

File: 1500356553130.jpg–(140.34KB, 640x1136, IMG_1989.JPG)
128 No.128  [Reply]
tfw you shelve books for 3 hours
¨ No.129
Nick should apply at Reid as a librarian.
¨ No.130
Student: Hi, could you show me to where they keep the books o...
Nick: fuck off I'm playing dota

No.125  [Reply]
I think I've fixed this? If you are reading this, than I have fixed this and the database backend is working fine, if this is the only post then I have buggered it up and all the previous posts are stored on my computer and my computer alone
¨ No.127
1500355791774.png–(437.23KB, 640x480, 14520612_1103078796425696_6744435767406084167_n.pn)
but images aren't working? (unless I just fixed this)
(this was just the first picture in my pictures folder, but that being said, anyone down for some mario party?)

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